API - Additional Fields for Devices

Ever wish all the output from the Device CSV download was included in the Device API response? Ever wonder why the failures count for devices in the API seemed to never decrease? Well, we've got some exciting news, we've addressed both of these issues in the latest release of the API!

Here is the complete change log.

  • Fixed a bug in the failure_count attribute returned from /api/v0/devices/<ID> . Previously, some ignored failures were included in this number, but only ongoing, unresolved failures were meant to be included. Note any sudden decreases in failures for a device (as reported by the API) may be explained by this update.
  • Added many more attributes to the response returned from /api/v0/devices/<ID>. Of note, the device's serial number is now included in the response, and the device's owner information is embedded directly in the device object. See https://kolidek2.readme.io/v0.1.0/reference#get_devices-id for a complete list of the attributes included.
  • The email for device owners (where applicable) is now included alongside the id and name - see https://kolidek2.readme.io/reference#devicesdeviceidowner for details

If you are interested in trying out our Beta API and you are an administrator, click here to learn more. As always, we'd love to hear any feedback you may have!