API - Live Query Status & Device Details

For those of you who are using our beta REST API, we've recently shipped two small additions that you may find useful to your workflow!

Live Query Campaign Device Status

Previously, our Live Query Campaign API would allow you to pull the results collected from the devices. We've now added the following three additional endpoints to this API:

  • api/v0/live_queries/<campaign_id>/waiting_devices
  • api/v0/live_queries/<campaign_id>/successful_devices
  • api/v0/live_queries/<campaign_id>/errored_devices

Using these endpoints, you can easily determine the progress of a campaign and understand the context of the results better! For more information check out our API documentation.

Additional Device Details

Due to popular demand, we've extended the api/v0/devices/<id> endpoint to include details about the current remote IP address associated with a device. If you allow geo-location data to be shown in your privacy settings, we will also show the very rough approximate geolocation data associated with this IP address*.

You can learn more about this API endpoint in our documentation.

* For privacy and safety reasons, Kolide never attempts to utilize collected device data to calculate a highly precise location of a device or a person. The location data we currently provide is a very low resolution approximation of location only based on the NAT IP address.