New Structured OS info in Device API

We've added much more granular detail for device operating system information to the /api/v0/devices endpoints. After hearing some feedback regarding the device OS information field, we decided that it made sense to include the device operating system details as a nested object field in the Device schema. The new operating_system_details property included in the device schema looks like this:

      "operating_system_details": {
"device_id": 11111,
"platform": "windows",
"name": "Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation",
"codename": "Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation",
"version": "10.0.17763",
"build": "17763",
"major_version": 10,
"minor_version": 0,
"patch_version": null,
"ubr": 1098,
"release_id": 1809
"operating_system_details": {
"device_id": 11,
"platform": "darwin",
"name": "Mac OS X",
"codename": "Catalina",
"version": "10.15.3",
"build": "19D76",
"major_version": 10,
"minor_version": 15,
"patch_version": 3,
"ubr": null,
"release_id": null

You can view the documentation for the devices endpoint here:

We hope that this is helpful, and we'd love to hear feedback or suggestions on this update!